Business Growth Step Three: Marketing Your Business Effectively

Once you’ve carefully chosen your niche(s) and crafted the list of products and services, it’s time for the third step in the business growth process, you need to fertilize it to help it grow. The best way to fertilize a business is through marketing and public relations. If you don’t know the difference, marketing is all of the stuff you pay for, public relations is what you are able to get basically for free. I urge you to think about ways to get public relations, free air time, free ink, and ways to get people talking about you and your business.

Today, this is significantly easier through the medium of social media. Establishing a significant, powerful and positive presence in the online world means you’ll be getting talked about by lots of other people. This can be a very effective public relations tool.

Marketing is the thing that you pay for. That’s television ads, radio ads, Facebook ads, it’s sending out direct mail. Interestingly enough in today’s day and age with all of the attention placed on social media and the internet, more and more people are trying to market that way where there’s clutter. There are more than 239 million websites out there, so you are competing with a lot of people and you can compete effectively, but direct mail is now a great way to get your message across because there is less and less of it. This is why the postal service is having problems and thinking about eliminating Saturday delivery because there is not as much mail!

If you craft a nice looking piece, a piece of lumpy mail, put something in the envelope that makes it bulky so that your prospects want to open it, you’ll stand out from the crowd. Using effective direct mail tactics, in conjunction with online and other marketing media options you are able to drive prospects to your email lists to be able to market to them less expensively after that. These are a few ways to fertilize your business and really get it to grow.

Before you begin however, make sure that you have a unique selling proposition: why are you different? What’s special about you? What’s special about the way you offer your products and who you are. Tell your prospects why they should care about working with you and why they should care about your business.

Tips For Choosing Potential Direct Marketing Mailing Lists

Choosing a high quality list is the most important stage of running a direct marketing campaign. Decisions you make can have far reaching implications on conversion rates, profitability and wastage. Experts often advise that one should spend half of the direct marketing planning time for sourcing a good quality and relevant list.

But how to choose correct and high quality mailing lists to make sure that those will help you in generating well enough sales leads?

List targeting
Check whether or not the names on the list match your target market. For example, if you have a business of sports wear you would definitely not wish to contact chefs or writers or teachers. You would in that case only target sports personnel.
Likewise your target should only contain names of those who can use or buy your products and so you should only go for ‘response list’ and not for ‘compiled’.

List age
Ask if the list you are buying or renting is the fresh one or years old. If latter is the case, make sure the vendor does data cleansing before you purchase the list.

Check how much the list can penetrate your target market. For penetrating effectively, it should contain enough detailed information so as to hit the target perfectly.

Single use or multiple uses
Single use mailing lists cost less and should expire after one time use. They are old lists with almost no maintenance or cleansing. Multiple usage lists will cost more but can be used many times and will contain potential prospects’ details.

List output
Do a trial marketing and check the output or capacity of the list to generate sales leads and then decide them to rent the list again or purchase it straightaway.

So, choose a potential direct marketing list and have successful campaigns ahead.

How To Choose A Direct Marketing MLM Company

You can find a real dream direct marketing MLM company and create tremendous wealth, but you can also wind up with the wrong company and have a horrendous experience. This article will help you choose the right direct marketing MLM company by explaining to you the types of companies out there and by teaching you how to find the right type of company needed to become very successful in this industry.

First it is important to understand that there are four types of direct marketing MLM companies on the market, lets put them into categories:

Category#1: These types of opportunities for lack of a better word and no sense beating around the bush are the scams, the schemes, the pyramid deals, etc! Basically ways to launder money between friends! Yes unfortunately there are bad people running around pretending to be real network marketers!

Once you know what to look for it is actually very easy to spot one of these scams. Here are two quick guidelines:

  1. If the company tells you they are going to pay you to recruit someone this is a scam, turn around and run away very quickly! You Can Not get paid to recruit people that is illegal! The only time and I mean the only time you can get paid is when a product or service is provided!
  2. If there is no product associated with the opportunity! There must be a real viable product and not just some made up hoax camouflaged to be a product. If the regulators deem that it is not a real viable product they will shut the company down quickly! So when in doubt stay clear!

Category #2: The 3rd type of direct marketing MLM opportunity are the big guys! The literal giants of the network marketing, direct selling and MLM industry. These are the guys who have been around for 10, 20, 30 even 60 some years! They have an outstanding track record and do at least a billion dollars in sales each and every year in the direct marketing MLM industry. These are companies such as Amway, Shaklee, Mary Kay, Avon, Xango, Usana, Herbalife, etc! There is actually about 20 of these companies out there on the market!

Now I know what you are thinking, you are saying “thanks Rob, now I am set! All I have to do is go and join one of these companies and I am good to go!” NO NO NO!!! This is where 99% of the people who join the direct marketing MLM industry go wrong! A proven track record of success is actually NOT the way to go! I know that is hard to believe and goes against traditional business sense, however, I can virtually assure you that if you have ever been in this industry before or know of anyone who has and failed or did not have they success they desired, they have been involved with one of the three opportunities I just mentioned!

None of the three of these companies is where wealth is created!! These companies are not wealth creating opportunities anymore! In the direct marketing MLM industry these companies are now simply income generating opportunities, very much like going out and getting a part time job! No freedom there and no wealth to be earned there any longer.

You see with a little bit of research into the direct marketing MLM industry you will see that the wealth has ALWAYS been created in the first 5-10 years of each of the category 3 companies launch!

Makes sense doesn’t it? It is amazing how many people do not consider this!

So that leads to the next one….

Category #4: The 4th type of company really is the holy grail of the direct marketing MLM industry. This is where ALL the wealth is created in this industry. This is where all the incredible “rag to riches” stories in this industry come from. And they only come around about once every 5-10 years.

There are two criteria for a company to be considered a category 4 company:

1. The company must still be in its early stages and have not have hit its exponential growth curb to become one of the 3rd type of companies or one of the giants! This window is typically within the first 5-10 years of launch.

2. The company must have everything in place that the category 3 companies had in place when they launched! You see if you go back and do some homework into this industry you will notice that all the successful companies or the category 3 companies all had certain primary criteria in place at launch!

Here are the primary criteria:

  • The Company Has Just Launched (first 10 years)
  • A Sexy Product Story (New Revolutionary Idea)
  • A Breakthrough Innovation in Comp Plan Design.
  • A Strong Leadership Line With Documented Success
  • Strong Financial Backing
  • International Opportunity (Global)
  • A Experienced Management Team

That is gang, if you take the time to do your research, instead of falling for the marketing hype that companies spew, you will find the category 4 company in the direct marketing MLM industry. It will happen. Simply make sure that the company you are looking at has ALL of the criteria above in place and you stand a good chance of finding the direct marketing MLM company that will help you create serious wealth & freedom in this incredible industry!

The 2nd type of direct marketing MLM opportunity or company you will find out there are the small party plan companies! We have all seen these. The little companies that recruit you to sell Candles, Tupperware and Kitchen-ware type of products around your kitchen table and your friends kitchen table. Basically a part-time retail business. Nothing wrong with these companies except it is very hard to create any serious income with them. They are more of a part time job type of deal where you could make a few hundred dollars a month if you are very good.