Network Marketing – Ultimate Leverage of Your Time and Money

The golden age of the internet has changed the landscape of entrepreneurship forever. No longer is the average individual handcuffed to inaction by lending institutions. Large amounts of capital are not a prerequisite to success in business when you and I have direct access to over 1.5 billion web users and consumers. I can’t overstate the importance of this concept. Right at this very moment, you’re looking at, and using, the most powerful machine ever to be invented by man. Can you feel the power of that?

The information revolution we have all lived through these past two decades has made it possible to use these fabulous machines to be a successful home business owner. You have the option to choose among thousand and thousands of products and services to promote and sell without ever ordering anything or stockpiling inventory. These are products and services that have already been proven to sell. The manufacturers and producers of these products would love to have you sell their wares for them. Everybody wins in this scenario.

During the same time that computer systems were being made accessible and affordable to the masses, and the information age was blooming, another sales model was gaining ground and being used in every industry. The idea of Network Marketing was being put into place as the primary sales outlet for many products. I’m sure you’ll recognize the names Avon, Amway, and Tupperware, to name a few. The idea is to recruit representatives who function as independent contractors. The producers of the products now have a sales force without the overhead of salaries, office space, benefits, etc. The representatives are given monetary and residual income incentives for recruiting additional sales reps as well as the direct sales of products. Genius really. And millions of people get to live the dream of business ownership, self-reliance and financial freedom.

This is where the true power of time leverage is derived from. You now have the power to create your own network. Your very own network of sales people who are now providing you with income every month from their efforts because you took the time to teach them and help them grow their own business. Every minute you have spent with your people will pay you over and over into the future. This is the ultimate leverage of your time. You’re no longer trading time for dollars. You’re working one hour and getting paid for it many times. Perhaps indefinitely. How powerful is that?

Now, what if someone combined the reach of the Internet to sell products directly, as well as provide and endless stream of recruits for your network? What if it was possible to have your own business where all of the barriers to your success were already thought of and solutions provided? Would this be of value to you?

Several companies have entered this space and are proving wildly successful because they are hitting the nerve directly when it comes to providing value to the home business owner. They have put together all of the tools that work; all of the processes that get results; and all the support anyone could ever use. These companies are rewriting the story when it comes to allowing anyone without any experience in sales or Internet marketing to create meaningful and life-changing incomes while operating their own network marketing business.

Take the time to research these types of companies. Investigate what they have to offer. Do your due diligence and do yourself a favor. Act today to change your life. Leverage your time and money so you will have more of both. After all, isn’t that what we all want?

I am personally associated with one such company, and of course, I would recommend having a look at it. It’s proven incredibly successful in training, support, and producing real income. You can start here [] on your own road to financial freedom.

Network Marketing Internet Business – The New Era Has Begun

Network marketing is also known as multi level marketing (MLM). The name itself suggests that marketing for a product or service is done at multiple levels. It is done by forming a huge network of business associates with their own web sites who promote the same product or service. The network is at multiple level hierarchies of associates or promoters. The business associates also market their own web site to attract more associates under them.

Any internet based business can profit immensely using network marketing or MLM. In a network marketing internet business, associates are salespeople who are independent and are not paid any salaries unlike the traditional sales people in the marketing and sales departments. They are called distributors and are representatives of the product or service provided by the business. When ever they make a sale through their ‘organization’ which is typically a web site, they are paid a commission.

Another major distinguishing factor between traditional marketing and multi level marketing is that in MLM, the sales people or associates develop their business by building up a client base for the product or service and/ or by attracting another layer of associates below them who in turn do the same. Thus, a multi level network falls into place and each associate in the network is attracting clients as well as more associates. The network constantly grows like this.

Each associate earns a commission for all the direct as well as indirect sales made by him. Direct sales would be selling of the product or service by the associate. Indirect sales refer to the sum of all the sales made by the multi level of associates who come under the first mentioned associate. The commission checks earned by some associates are quite huge. Once a proper network is established, generating income for an associate is almost automatic! Depending on a business’ compensation table, associates can take home big commissions.

Some of the MLMs that exist are illegal and they are referred to as pyramid or Ponzi schemes; these are unlawful in several countries across the world. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish true MLM schemes from illegal ones. MLM some times goes by the name of affiliate marketing or business franchising. Some businesses provide training and marketing materials to the associates; many businesses expect these costs to be borne by the associates themselves.

There are many compensation plan types that businesses follow to give their distributors. Some of them are Unilevel plan, matrix plan and binary plan. Unilevel plans are the simplest and are based on the associate’s level in the hierarchy with respect to the associate who actually got the product. A matrix plan is similar to Unilevel but there is a cap on number of associates in the first level. In the Binary plan, an associate has to get only two associates under him; he immediately qualifies for getting a commission. Hybrid plans combine more than one type of plan.

There is a lot to take in when choosing a network marketing internet business. A good idea to follow is to have a coach or someone that can point you in the right direction. Visit Adrian’s website for more helpful tips on choosing a network marketing internet business.

Email Marketing – The Growing Trend in Direct E-mail Marketing

Direct e-mail marketing is a strategy that allows you to directly advertise your product to consumers who, at first, showed interest on you. This is a very powerful tool of marketing because it gives you a perfect view as to who and where you should market. However, this marketing instrument should be done properly should one wants to attain its maximum potential. If there is one good thing about this instrument, it’s the vulnerability of the success rate.

Since you have direct respondents of your advertised product, done after carefully assessing whom to send your e-mail, the people who basically responded to your e-mail is the visible success return by the e-mail sent. This also allows the person who conducted the direct mail marketing to have a view where the e-mail got a powerful impact onto consumers and can directly control this entity on the next e-mail campaign.

Here are other tips on how one can ensure the success of this marketing strategy:

    o Exchange Links and advertisements on other sites When looking for prospective sites with which you can exchange links and ads with, make sure that these sites offer an option of direct mail marketing. Not only that this allows you to gain for potential market but also it is an avenue for you to increase your consumer database.
    o Solicit from site visitors to allow news or updates for you

By giving your site visitors the chance to determine for themselves if they want to receive notes from you, you are increasing the rate of getting a more realistic market who have showed interest on your product.