How To Choose A Direct Marketing MLM Company

You can find a real dream direct marketing MLM company and create tremendous wealth, but you can also wind up with the wrong company and have a horrendous experience. This article will help you choose the right direct marketing MLM company by explaining to you the types of companies out there and by teaching you how to find the right type of company needed to become very successful in this industry.

First it is important to understand that there are four types of direct marketing MLM companies on the market, lets put them into categories:

Category#1: These types of opportunities for lack of a better word and no sense beating around the bush are the scams, the schemes, the pyramid deals, etc! Basically ways to launder money between friends! Yes unfortunately there are bad people running around pretending to be real network marketers!

Once you know what to look for it is actually very easy to spot one of these scams. Here are two quick guidelines:

  1. If the company tells you they are going to pay you to recruit someone this is a scam, turn around and run away very quickly! You Can Not get paid to recruit people that is illegal! The only time and I mean the only time you can get paid is when a product or service is provided!
  2. If there is no product associated with the opportunity! There must be a real viable product and not just some made up hoax camouflaged to be a product. If the regulators deem that it is not a real viable product they will shut the company down quickly! So when in doubt stay clear!

Category #2: The 3rd type of direct marketing MLM opportunity are the big guys! The literal giants of the network marketing, direct selling and MLM industry. These are the guys who have been around for 10, 20, 30 even 60 some years! They have an outstanding track record and do at least a billion dollars in sales each and every year in the direct marketing MLM industry. These are companies such as Amway, Shaklee, Mary Kay, Avon, Xango, Usana, Herbalife, etc! There is actually about 20 of these companies out there on the market!

Now I know what you are thinking, you are saying “thanks Rob, now I am set! All I have to do is go and join one of these companies and I am good to go!” NO NO NO!!! This is where 99% of the people who join the direct marketing MLM industry go wrong! A proven track record of success is actually NOT the way to go! I know that is hard to believe and goes against traditional business sense, however, I can virtually assure you that if you have ever been in this industry before or know of anyone who has and failed or did not have they success they desired, they have been involved with one of the three opportunities I just mentioned!

None of the three of these companies is where wealth is created!! These companies are not wealth creating opportunities anymore! In the direct marketing MLM industry these companies are now simply income generating opportunities, very much like going out and getting a part time job! No freedom there and no wealth to be earned there any longer.

You see with a little bit of research into the direct marketing MLM industry you will see that the wealth has ALWAYS been created in the first 5-10 years of each of the category 3 companies launch!

Makes sense doesn’t it? It is amazing how many people do not consider this!

So that leads to the next one….

Category #4: The 4th type of company really is the holy grail of the direct marketing MLM industry. This is where ALL the wealth is created in this industry. This is where all the incredible “rag to riches” stories in this industry come from. And they only come around about once every 5-10 years.

There are two criteria for a company to be considered a category 4 company:

1. The company must still be in its early stages and have not have hit its exponential growth curb to become one of the 3rd type of companies or one of the giants! This window is typically within the first 5-10 years of launch.

2. The company must have everything in place that the category 3 companies had in place when they launched! You see if you go back and do some homework into this industry you will notice that all the successful companies or the category 3 companies all had certain primary criteria in place at launch!

Here are the primary criteria:

  • The Company Has Just Launched (first 10 years)
  • A Sexy Product Story (New Revolutionary Idea)
  • A Breakthrough Innovation in Comp Plan Design.
  • A Strong Leadership Line With Documented Success
  • Strong Financial Backing
  • International Opportunity (Global)
  • A Experienced Management Team

That is gang, if you take the time to do your research, instead of falling for the marketing hype that companies spew, you will find the category 4 company in the direct marketing MLM industry. It will happen. Simply make sure that the company you are looking at has ALL of the criteria above in place and you stand a good chance of finding the direct marketing MLM company that will help you create serious wealth & freedom in this incredible industry!

The 2nd type of direct marketing MLM opportunity or company you will find out there are the small party plan companies! We have all seen these. The little companies that recruit you to sell Candles, Tupperware and Kitchen-ware type of products around your kitchen table and your friends kitchen table. Basically a part-time retail business. Nothing wrong with these companies except it is very hard to create any serious income with them. They are more of a part time job type of deal where you could make a few hundred dollars a month if you are very good.

Who Is The Best Astrologer For Career Consulting?

Every person is concerned and worried about their career in one or another way. Knowing about a career may vary in many ways like getting guidance for which subject to choose or getting further tips in your career. You may be worried about getting success in your career or you are willingly searching for an “Astrologer Near Me”. And you are

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The most important thing to consider is getting guidance for choosing a career or getting consultation in your career. When someone moves toward with a clear state of mind and is interested to know the subjects or which career to choose. That category falls in the career guidance. And if someone comes with a determined and dedicated mind that may be influenced due to peer pressure, family pressure, or social pressure, or with their own will then there can be an indulgence of Astrological Counselling.

How to choose a good astrologer for career guidance

Choosing a perfect career consultation is a difficult task and you need to know that what qualities a proficient career consultant astrologer exhibits and those are-

Patient and calm behavior with a morally strong character.
The profound and sound knowledge of astrology
Perfect knowledge of astrology with other subject knowledge like geography or maths.

Who is the Best Astrologer In Delhi?

Tanuj Lalchandani is the best astrologer in Delhi. He is also skilled as a palmist, tarot reader, Vaastu consultant, and spiritual healer. He is a Delhi-based Famous Astrologer with widespread reach around the globe. He is considered The Best Astrologer in Delhi by his clients.

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Facts about Tanuj Lalchandani

He is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga.
He is a strong follower of the fact that destruction paves way for a new beginning.
Through astrology, he helps people understand the sophistication of their life and gets them towards solutions

He has penned two books, Treasure Trove of Zodiacs and Tatva, Soul and Karma.

Astrologer Tanuj Lalchandani has also been awarded for Contribution to Astrology many times.

He was awarded a Young Astrologer with Excellence in Astrology and Excellence in Tarot Card Reading by National Institute for Education and Research (NIER)

He was awarded the award in the award ceremony held on 27th July 2019 in Delhi.

He was also awarded Honorary Doctorate in Astrology by National American University.


You can get the Best Career Consultation In Delhi by professionals and proficient astrologers with every question and at each step. The beneficial point is that if you can’t travel right now then you can connect with them with video conferencing or calls too. Nowadays, technology has given easy accessibility for many things.

Real Estate Agent Marketing Article

The real estate business is becoming tough. There are innumerable real estate agents in the US, making impressing a true challenge. Every real estate agent is special, hence, every real estate agent marketing campaign must fit its subject. It is fundamental to utilize the trial and error formula with various ideas until you find the ideal strategy for you, one that suits your personality, budget and aims.

Marketing can be intimidating; we show below several ideas we think can make the path easier for you and prove effective for drawing in the target clients. We promise that one, two or several of these will fit you once you are set to start your real estate agent marketing venture.

One. Begin a blog. A blog will help you grow your real estate business in many manners and is simple to use, making it easier to post interesting and pertinent real estate information. More quality content translates into more solid Internet presence that translates into being found on the Internet faster and stimulating a positive response from users. A blog allows you the possibility to mingle with your visitors and meet them personally, which is an important characteristic of every real estate agent marketing strategy aiming to to express to your visitors that you care for them and their needs.

Two. Increase Internet presence. Your real estate agent marketing campaign wants you to gain as many potential clients as you can. The web is an amazing way to reach persons in every place of the earth, and once you blend a website, a blog, Internet news and writings, you can be certain people will reach you, as you are everywhere. You will appear as an expert as your name is widely spread.

Idea number three. Enhance your direct marketing plans. The Internet is a fundamental real estate agent marketing tool, however, there are others of the same worth. Direct marketing is very effective to strengthen and secure your real estate business also. Try various direct marketing instruments and research what is effective; give extra value to your messages so that clients are prompted to respond.

Fourth idea. Implement PR. utilize it to thrust your real estate agent marketing campaign and reinforce your brand. A publication in a local paper, a pertinent press release or a free talk in your town regarding hints to buy a property, go a long way when trying to earn a strong image among clients.

Idea number five. Offer clients something to speak about. Your company depends almost totally on word of mouth, hence, facilitate for clients to want to talk about you and your services incessantly. Provide distinctiveness which will make you resistless and that everyone would desire to communicate to others. Nothing is ruled out, just imagine what would impress your market and research a way to give it to them: free interior design ideas, free yard consultation or a tour around their new town. The sky is the limit.