Direct Marketing – New Move-In Lists Work Well For Doctors and Professionals

I just ran into one of my cousins at our local bagel shop (breakfast is the best time and place to meet people and get some early morning work done). He’s a podiatrist (foot doctor) and tells me the best, most effective method he’s used so far to reach new potential patients is through direct mail.

He goes after a specific market segment — people who have recently moved into his area. These people haven’t set up a doctor-patient relationship yet. So he figures (rightly so) that new move-ins are the best prospects for a podiatrist. He’s also interested in runners and older patients — both have their own unique needs. But his best source of business still comes from new movers.

Thinking this over, I contacted some other doctors in my area and found that when a practice serves a general clientèle rather than one specific specialty, people new to an area are good prospects as new patients. There was a tendency, however, to favor new homeowners over people in apartments. This was especially true for dentists who need to develop a several-year relationship to offer effective care and, to put it bluntly, make some money from a stable patient base.

Fortunately, these lists are all available, and even selectable by age, income, and, if it’s important to your marketing, a presence of children in the household. Cost for this type of list average less than a quarter per name, and much less in large quantities.

Another possibility, but one that is usually too expensive for small offices, is the phone company’s phone book ride-along program (check with your local phone company for availability). Whenever a new phone is installed in a home, the phone company delivers a new set of phone books, wrapped in plastic or placed in a mailing bag.

Costs are reasonable (usually less than the cost of renting your own list) but you generally have to commit to a minimum 10,000 delivery or more in your area, and you have to cover the entire delivery area. If you’re only trying to reach a small area — such as one or two zip codes — the phone book ride-along program is not for you. Renting a targeted list and mailing to them yourself makes much more sense.

Wayne Stoler is head of Letter Perfect Mailing Services, a company that handles mailings for over 2,000 companies. Letter Perfect also sells mailing lists, and specializes in small to medium size mailings. Wayne’s clients keep coming back because he has years of experience in getting mailers read, and even more years in dealing with postal regulations. He can be contacted by email at [email protected] or call him directly at 800.397.8973.

7 Tips to Increase Direct Mail Response and Conversion

Many estate agents in the past have used Direct Mail shots to get new instructions and many still continue to do so today. Even with the advent of the internet, this is still a very useful tool to have in the box and is indeed the main source of new instructions for many agents.

If you are one of those agents then here are some tips to increase response and conversion of your direct mailings:

Address the envelope by hand. If it looks like junk mail, it will get treated as such and binned, increase your chances by writing the envelopes by hand or at least printing the envelopes with handwritten style fonts.

Personalize the envelope. If you know the owners name, use it as a personally addressed envelope has much more chance of being opened than a “Dear Homeowner”. If you have the funds, buy a mailing list.

Use the full address. Even if you are canvassing an area yourself, pretend you are the postman and address the envelope correctly with the name if you have it as before, the street, number, town and postcode.

Mail it. Yes, send the envelope by snail mail. Something that has been received by post, with stamp on it, has a much much greater chance of being opened. Again, if your budget is limited, scan a processed stamp and print it on the envelope, with the high quality printers of today standards it’s a doddle.

Put the right envelope in the right mailbox. Make sure that you deliver the personally addressed envelope to the intended recipient. Or not? Here’s something that has just occurred to me whilst typing this: How about “posting” it in the wrong mailbox and so get the neighbour to pass it on. This way you get automatic “third party approval” – Try this at your own risk though, I’ve just thought of it and have no way of knowing that it works!!!

Make the contents stand out from the rest. Don’t do what all the other agents do and say “we are continuously looking for new listings in the area for our large client database”. Well, if that were the case, why are there still so many properties advertised on your website? Facts tell, stories sell – make an hones compelling statement about why you would like to list their property.

Make the contents “sell” to the recipient. Every contact with a potential lead should be a marketing piece in its own right, not just a statement and a request. Headline, sub-headline, text, sense of urgency and call to action. Lead the to take an action to contact you.

So here are the seven suggestions that will help you get more listings:

  1. Hand address the envelope
  2. Use the recipients name
  3. Use the full address
  4. Send it in the Post
  5. Ensure it’s delivered correctly
  6. Make it unique
  7. Make it a Marketing Piece

Following these simple guidelines will help you increase response and conversion making you more efficient and giving you more time to spend with your clients.

Email Marketing – The Growing Trend in Direct E-mail Marketing

Direct e-mail marketing is a strategy that allows you to directly advertise your product to consumers who, at first, showed interest on you. This is a very powerful tool of marketing because it gives you a perfect view as to who and where you should market. However, this marketing instrument should be done properly should one wants to attain its maximum potential. If there is one good thing about this instrument, it’s the vulnerability of the success rate.

Since you have direct respondents of your advertised product, done after carefully assessing whom to send your e-mail, the people who basically responded to your e-mail is the visible success return by the e-mail sent. This also allows the person who conducted the direct mail marketing to have a view where the e-mail got a powerful impact onto consumers and can directly control this entity on the next e-mail campaign.

Here are other tips on how one can ensure the success of this marketing strategy:

    o Exchange Links and advertisements on other sites When looking for prospective sites with which you can exchange links and ads with, make sure that these sites offer an option of direct mail marketing. Not only that this allows you to gain for potential market but also it is an avenue for you to increase your consumer database.
    o Solicit from site visitors to allow news or updates for you

By giving your site visitors the chance to determine for themselves if they want to receive notes from you, you are increasing the rate of getting a more realistic market who have showed interest on your product.