Direct Marketing – New Move-In Lists Work Well For Doctors and Professionals

I just ran into one of my cousins at our local bagel shop (breakfast is the best time and place to meet people and get some early morning work done). He’s a podiatrist (foot doctor) and tells me the best, most effective method he’s used so far to reach new potential patients is through direct mail.

He goes after a specific market segment — people who have recently moved into his area. These people haven’t set up a doctor-patient relationship yet. So he figures (rightly so) that new move-ins are the best prospects for a podiatrist. He’s also interested in runners and older patients — both have their own unique needs. But his best source of business still comes from new movers.

Thinking this over, I contacted some other doctors in my area and found that when a practice serves a general clientèle rather than one specific specialty, people new to an area are good prospects as new patients. There was a tendency, however, to favor new homeowners over people in apartments. This was especially true for dentists who need to develop a several-year relationship to offer effective care and, to put it bluntly, make some money from a stable patient base.

Fortunately, these lists are all available, and even selectable by age, income, and, if it’s important to your marketing, a presence of children in the household. Cost for this type of list average less than a quarter per name, and much less in large quantities.

Another possibility, but one that is usually too expensive for small offices, is the phone company’s phone book ride-along program (check with your local phone company for availability). Whenever a new phone is installed in a home, the phone company delivers a new set of phone books, wrapped in plastic or placed in a mailing bag.

Costs are reasonable (usually less than the cost of renting your own list) but you generally have to commit to a minimum 10,000 delivery or more in your area, and you have to cover the entire delivery area. If you’re only trying to reach a small area — such as one or two zip codes — the phone book ride-along program is not for you. Renting a targeted list and mailing to them yourself makes much more sense.

Wayne Stoler is head of Letter Perfect Mailing Services, a company that handles mailings for over 2,000 companies. Letter Perfect also sells mailing lists, and specializes in small to medium size mailings. Wayne’s clients keep coming back because he has years of experience in getting mailers read, and even more years in dealing with postal regulations. He can be contacted by email at [email protected] or call him directly at 800.397.8973.

Direct Sales Marketing (The Marketing Mode of the Future)

Direct sales marketing means selling the goods and services to the end user eliminating not only the middleman but the retailer as well. Over the years it has gained unprecedented popularity. It has grown into a full fledged industry. Here the company contacts the customer directly and demonstrates their product either at home or the office. More and more companies abroad are adopting this system of selling their products. The company not only sells the products but also takes care of after sales service, which is so very important.

These companies use a multi-level-marketing (MLM) system. Here the agent from the company not only gets paid for the sales that he makes but also for the sales made by agents introduced into the Organization by him. of people are working, either part-time or full-time and making much out of it. This is good both for the company as well as for the customer.

People everywhere are associated with direct sales marketing. Lots Lets look at the merits and the demerits:

* It provides an excellent opportunity to interact with people and widen our horizons, in term of social interactions.

* It offers the most flexible of working schedules.

* It can be done on a part-time basis, thus giving you an extra-income. You can also choose it as a full-time thing and make the most out of it.

* It provides you the opportunity to hone your marketing skills in the best possible manners.

* You learn to set realistic goals for yourself and achieve them in the desired time frame.

* It gives the you a sense of ownership as people work under you.

* It helps individual become a strategist, as one thinks of innovative ideas to meet the targets.

* There is face to face interaction with the customer which helps in gaining the customer confidence.

* It is easy to win trust of the customer.

* Customer’s question and concerns can be taken care off promptly.

* The products can be customized to suit the customers requirement.

Along with these benefits and advantages, there are few disadvantages as well:

* The cost of employing a sales team is higher.

* At any given time, an agent cannot attend more than one customers.

The role of agents is very Vital, as they interact with the customers directly. Their knowledge about the product is supposed to be unparalleled.

To execute sale the companies follow certain channels. The most commonly used channels are:

1. Direct Mail: The most common form of direct marketing is direct mail, used by advertisers who send paper mail to all customers on a list.

2. Telemarketing: Agents make cold calls to potential customers.

3. Email Marketing: Emails are used for attract potential customers. However, these emails marketing campaign can be restricted by filtering.

4. Door to Door: Newspapers are the best means to send the leaflet. In this, cost of envelopes, Stamps and running for the addresses of the potential customers can be avoided.

Few examples of Companies which follow direct sales marketing are:

Amway Corporation, Herbalife Ltd., Tupperware Brands Corporation, Oriflame Cosmetics

As more and more companies are moving to Direct Sales Marketing, it perhaps is destined to be the marketing mode of the future.

Network Marketing Internet Business – The New Era Has Begun

Network marketing is also known as multi level marketing (MLM). The name itself suggests that marketing for a product or service is done at multiple levels. It is done by forming a huge network of business associates with their own web sites who promote the same product or service. The network is at multiple level hierarchies of associates or promoters. The business associates also market their own web site to attract more associates under them.

Any internet based business can profit immensely using network marketing or MLM. In a network marketing internet business, associates are salespeople who are independent and are not paid any salaries unlike the traditional sales people in the marketing and sales departments. They are called distributors and are representatives of the product or service provided by the business. When ever they make a sale through their ‘organization’ which is typically a web site, they are paid a commission.

Another major distinguishing factor between traditional marketing and multi level marketing is that in MLM, the sales people or associates develop their business by building up a client base for the product or service and/ or by attracting another layer of associates below them who in turn do the same. Thus, a multi level network falls into place and each associate in the network is attracting clients as well as more associates. The network constantly grows like this.

Each associate earns a commission for all the direct as well as indirect sales made by him. Direct sales would be selling of the product or service by the associate. Indirect sales refer to the sum of all the sales made by the multi level of associates who come under the first mentioned associate. The commission checks earned by some associates are quite huge. Once a proper network is established, generating income for an associate is almost automatic! Depending on a business’ compensation table, associates can take home big commissions.

Some of the MLMs that exist are illegal and they are referred to as pyramid or Ponzi schemes; these are unlawful in several countries across the world. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish true MLM schemes from illegal ones. MLM some times goes by the name of affiliate marketing or business franchising. Some businesses provide training and marketing materials to the associates; many businesses expect these costs to be borne by the associates themselves.

There are many compensation plan types that businesses follow to give their distributors. Some of them are Unilevel plan, matrix plan and binary plan. Unilevel plans are the simplest and are based on the associate’s level in the hierarchy with respect to the associate who actually got the product. A matrix plan is similar to Unilevel but there is a cap on number of associates in the first level. In the Binary plan, an associate has to get only two associates under him; he immediately qualifies for getting a commission. Hybrid plans combine more than one type of plan.

There is a lot to take in when choosing a network marketing internet business. A good idea to follow is to have a coach or someone that can point you in the right direction. Visit Adrian’s website for more helpful tips on choosing a network marketing internet business.